Inmate Online Deposits in Los Angeles, CA

When your family comes across hard times, even simple tasks can prove to be difficult. If you have a loved one that has been incarcerated, one of those tasks can be ensuring they have access to the funds they need. Sending anything to a prison can be tricky, but ZoomZooms  is here to help you. We offer easy, stress-free inmate online deposits in Los Angeles, CA, for people with loved ones in detention facilities to ensure they are properly taken care of. We are a third-party middleman that physically take the cash deposit to the facility and deposits funds right into the correct account.

Our convenient and helpful company provides reliable services to relieve our customers from this daunting job during an already rough time in their lives. Having to deal with a loved one away from home is hard enough. Knowing they have money to better their quality of life is one less thing to think about. Our resourceful and compassionate service for secure inmate deposits is easy and quick. You’ll save money on gas and parking and save time that would have been spent commuting and waiting in line. Best of all, you’ll have peace of mind that they can get the resources they need with funds in their account.


Commissary funds are your loved ones lifeline to the outside world.

A Team That Understands Your Needs

After our founder ended up in county jail, he saw firsthand what services were lacking in correctional institutions. Some people in custody are unable to make phone calls or get in contact with their family and therefore go without cash for months on end. This inspired him to create a professional service for inmate account deposits to save people time and travel expenses. Our fast, easy, and guaranteed transfers are secure and offer an effortless and quick way to get cash to your loved ones effectively.

All we need is the inmate’s name, their booking number, and the amount to send. We can handle any amount between $1.00 and $100.00. Our processing time is guaranteed, and even in the unlikely event that we aren’t able to meet it, we refund you 50% of the processing fee. We also refund you if the inmate is released or transferred, minus the transaction fee.


Cheaper than Jpay, way more reliable than cash2jail... so happy I found this!

Zane L.

Zoomzooms has made one thing easy in this whole situation, that is sending money and knowing it gets there. 

Alice M.

Give Your Special Someone A Head Start

Making secure inmate deposits now isn’t just an immediate help; it can also be used as a way for the prisoner to build up savings for when they’re released. Far too many leave jail with no job, home, transportation, or money. We help you and your loved one avoid that problem by helping you both to build up finances ahead of time. With savings in place, the release is much more likely to go smoothly, allowing for a good start to a new life.

Zoomzooms offers the highest quality of service with the cheapest processing fees. Don't believe us? Try searching.

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